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Gypsum Recycling International today operates in seven countries. We expand our services and introduce our patented technology into new districts of all markets every quarter. Below you find a short description of our activities in each of the countries we operate. However, for more detailed information please visit the local homepages by using the links to your right.

Below our international locations are listed. The green icons mark our warehouse facilities, the grey icons are external operated waste receiving facilities and the yellow icon depicts our headquarter in Nærum, just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Find the precise addresses of our warehouses and offices under Contact.


Part of Gypsum Recycling International, Gips Recycling Danmark A/S launched in 2001. After just five years in operation we reached a recycling rate of 80 pct. of the gypsum waste generated in Denmark. Obviously the highest in the world for any voluntary system!

We operate two processing facilities. Each one strategically situated in the vicinity of one of the two Danish plasterboard plants. The gypsum waste is collected from several hundred collection points representing public and private waste transfer and recycling centres, construction, reconstruction and demolition sites, etc.


The processing facility in Hobro is located at the factory site of Knauf/Danogips. Our warehouse is 1.800 square meters (20.000 square feet) offering ideal conditions for effective recycling processes.
The processing facility in Hobro is located at the factory site of Knauf/Danogips. Our warehouse is 1.800 square meters (20.000 square feet) offering ideal conditions for effective recycling processes.
Ideally located between the two largest cities in the Jutland-Funen region, Aarhus and Aalborg, the Hobro facility recycles all waste collected in this area. Due to high standards new recycling facilities around the world will be constructed following the Hobro model.


The Kalundborg site handles all waste collected on Sealand and in the capital area of Copenhagen. The processing facility is located in close proximity of Saint Gobain Gyproc’s Kalundborg plant which is the customer for the recycled gypsum powder.



The activity in Sweden was started in 2003, where we made the first agreements with large waste facilities on the western cost of Southern Sweden. Since then the activity was expanded to cover the entire South Swedish region from Gothenburg and Linkoping and downwards, once the first Swedish processing facility was established in Halmstad harbour. As the processing facility is located directly at the quay, this facility is used when servicing customers abroad with full boat loads of recycled gypsum.


In the summer of 2006 a second Swedish processing facility was established near Stockholm on the Saint Gobain Gyproc Bålsta factory site, and the system will be expanded to cover all of the central part of Sweden in addition to the southern part.


In Norway we began our activities in 2003 in close cooperation with the 3 biggest Norwegian waste management companies; Norsk Gjenvinning, Ragnsells Norway and Veidekke. Initially our processing facility was located in Frederikstad in close proximity of Saint Gobain Gyproc, which took the majority of the produced recycled gypsum. Later on Knauf Norgips in Drammen took over that role and as a consequence, the processing facility was moved to Svelvik close to Drammen.

The Netherlands


Our activities in Holland began at the end of 2004 with the establishment of a processing facility in Delfzijl, in the Northern part of Holland, servicing the nearby Lafarge plasterboard plant.


Since then the system has continuously been growing with more and more collection points coming on stream every day. As a consequence an additional processing facility in the Southern city of Werkendam, close to Rotterdam, was opened in 2010.

Collection from Belgium and Germany

The customers in our Dutch operations include public recycling centres, waste management companies, new construction and demolition sites. Not only from the Netherlands, but also from close-by Belgium (supplied into Werkendam) and Germany (supplied into Werkendam as well as Delfzijl).


Full operations in Finland will start soon.


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